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Very skeptical going in but the whole experience was great. Dr. COOPER was very personable and her presentation of the tests/ results was very understandable and appreciated. Would highly recommend her practice to my acquaintances.
Randy King
21:00 12 Apr 21
The doctor was very professional and courteous. She explained each step and provided great feedback. Will definitely recommend to anyone in need of a good audiologist.
Als Tims
23:13 16 Apr 21
I was very pleased with my first visit with Dr. Cooper Evans, AUD. She was prompt and thorough in the presentation of what I would need to do. We plainly reviewed and explained the tests she would run and then performed the tests as described.She had already taken the time initially to question exactly what I wanted to accomplish and stayed focused on those things. Specifically I wanted to have rechargeable power and Bluetooth compatibility. she demoed both the brands that would meet my needs. I am hoping that we can come to a conclusion in the next week or so.
Karl Heeter
20:19 25 Mar 21
My appointment with Dr. Evans was really much more and much better than I expected. Parking was very easy, with a dedicated lot. Office was modern, attractive, comfortable and not crowded. Dr. Evans evaluated me very completely and pointed out some measurements that were unexpected and had some logical recommendations.This was a very different experience from the one I had last year in the West End with a different audiologist where I felt I should have gotten in line and taken a number.From now on, Dr. Evans will be my "go-to" audiologist. A great appointment!
Timothy Nye
14:11 02 Sep 20
Services, attention to detail and Kimberly & Dr. Evans are just incredible!
Beth Hooper
00:57 15 Apr 21